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La Palapa Marina

#16 Airport Boulevard
Simpson Bay, St. Maarten
T: +1-721-545 3213

Captain Oliver’s Marina
Oyster Pond, St. Martin
T: +1-721-586 5339

Dive Safaris Simpson Bay

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Charity Drive 2015 / 2016 - donate for trade-in discount up to 25%!

Every year The Scuba Shop supports the Nature Foundation of St Maarten (who run the St Maarten Marine Park as well as land initiatives) with their youth Summer Camp Snorkel Program as well as the Alfredo Foundation which offers free swim, snorkel and finally scuba courses to St Maarten youth and young adults. Not only do both programs introduce participants to the beauty of life in the ocean, but they also foster the desire to protect it for the future. The foundations of course welcome monetary donations, BUT the ultimate need is equipment both for teaching AND it would be amazing if every participant could leave with a set of snorkel gear so that they can continue to enjoy their newly learned sport.

So to get to the point – for every working snorkel gear item you donate to the cause The Scuba Shop will give you 25% off a replacement item and for every working scuba gear item you donate to the cause The Scuba Shop will give you 20% off a replacement (excluding tanks and computers).  
Participants of the Alfredo Foundation

Also collecting "household" and "boating" items:
On the non-diving side - every year we also have some regular boats who drop off with us at the shop household (pots, pans, cutlery, bed sheets, towels, un-opened toiletries…) and clothing items (good condition “out dated” crew uniforms and shoes as well as “hand me down” personal clothing) as well as dry good food stuffs that are about to expire. This year we are getting some school kids involved to help with the sorting and items will be taken to the I Can Foundation which is a children’s home and to the Salvation Army who support various families on a regular basis as well as fire, flood and hurricane victims. We also have a Red Cross Foundation who do specific drives through-out the year (sometimes food, sometimes toys, after the Haiti earthquakes it was shoes…) and a women’s shelter. This year we are also hoping to be able to donate to SJIB (Foundation Judiciary Institutes Windward Islands) who are in charge of St Maarten’s foster program. Any boat gear related stuff (old fenders, ropes, sailing gear, jerry cans….) is donated to the St Maarten Yacht Club Youth Sailing Program – they either use it or sell it in their flea market funds drive – funds are then used to sponsor sailing lessons to those in need, introducing this wonderful sport to some who would never otherwise have the opportunity, as well as new boats and equipment as they continue to expand and improve.

So if you have anything useful that you would otherwise throw out, please bring it to St Maarten so that it can get a 2nd life and help those less fortunate.”

Please feel free to contact Kim for more information:
+1 721 545 3213


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